Lunch and Groceries 4/11

Today I spent $7.32 on lunch and $35.59 on groceries.

Also, the cloth diapers that I ordered arrived. I did some math and figured out that I probably need to use each one 40 times before I hit the “cheaper than disposables” break point.

Considering his age, that’s unlikely to happen with The Boy. But there’s a decent chance of it happening if he gets to be a Big Brother.

Even if it doesn’t, I’m about more than just the cash. I’m trying to hit that sweet spot where I can be good to the environment, good to my baby, not waste money, and not have it be a pain in the ass.

And maybe I can sell them used on ebay or craigslist when we’re done with the baby stage. I may not recoup the whole investment, but that probably will help me hit that break-even point.


Meeting with the Money Guy

Mrs Mama and I both save 15% in our work 401ks, which means that our retirement savings is in pretty good shape — probably better than any of the rest of our finances. We also have rollover and Roth IRAs, but neither of us has contributed a new dime to those since 2005.

That said, we have a total of about $135k in all of our retirement accounts, combined. (Except for Mrs Mama’s ancient and tiny TIAA-CREF account, which we ignore.) Roughly$70k is in our direct control, with the other $65k in limited-option 401ks.

When I reviewed our retirement assets last month, I figured out that we have 26 distinct holdings, including 10 individual stocks.  Those assets range, individually, from being as much as 17% of our portfolio, to as little as .08%. Yes, that’s 8 hundredths of a percent, or $107.

Well that makes no sense. Obviously I can’t keep track of 26 different investments, and I’m not. It’s also silly to hold on to lots of little assets that are worth only 1-2% of my portfolio, or less.

So I asked a random financial planner guy who I met recently if he would review our savings and make suggestions. He’s coming over tomorrow with his proposed changes.

(Yeah, that could be the worst way to find a financial advisor, but his business model is to try to get me to transfer my accounts to him. Which I warned him was unlikely and offered to just pay for his review service. He declined.)

What’s This?

Welcome to Mama’s Money Diary.

I’m a 37 year old lesbian mom, trying to save money, plan for my family’s future, and live a nice life. Pretty much like most moms.

Step One: Track what I’m spending.


  • Cereal & Donuts – $5.09
  • Diapers – $16.14
  • 4 storage boxes & a soda – $39.84