April 19

Today I spent $6.21 on lunch, plus $0.75 on bottles of water.

And $87.76 on a pair of concert tickets.

And $21.95 on dinner for the family. Fortunately, there are leftovers, which I’m having for lunch tomorrow.


Wednesday Update

I am a little out of control. I really should stop reading Mir’s sale blog.

Although to be fair to myself, I actually do need clothes for work, and a 60-90% off sale plus a $25 off $100+ purchases means that I got 6 shirts & sweaters, and 3 pair of pants, for $110.06 including shipping. An average of $12.23 per article of clothing is pretty good.

But I didn’t really need the wooden deck chairs as much as I needed the clothes.  Although again, we do need someplace to sit outside, and currently we have one green plastic faux adirondack chair. $40 for a pair of nice ones is a good price. So is the $5.98 for 24 large cardboard blocks that Noah is getting for Christmas.

Yesterday, I spent $8.55 on lunch; today I spent $17. Ugh. I’m bringing lunch tomorrow.

What’s This?

Welcome to Mama’s Money Diary.

I’m a 37 year old lesbian mom, trying to save money, plan for my family’s future, and live a nice life. Pretty much like most moms.

Step One: Track what I’m spending.


  • Cereal & Donuts – $5.09
  • Diapers – $16.14
  • 4 storage boxes & a soda – $39.84