Expensive Weekend Update

April 13: Spent $12.00 on lunch and $12.59 on dinner for the family.

April 14: Spent $114 on a Mommy & Me music class for The Boy, then $35.47 on a bottle of wine and a six pack, $17.85 on books that weren’t available at the library (2 novels).

April 15: Spent $85 on a sweater, a pair of pants, and 3 pair of shoes, all for work. Spent another $14 on a pair of shoes and 3 pair of socks for The Boy. $40 into the plate at church.

April 16: $0.95 for lunch. (Finished the cereal I bought last week, splurged on oreos from a vending machine and 2 bottles of water. Got an extra nickel back in change.)

Am freaking out because the accountant has not yet returned our tax returns to copy, sign, and submit to the IRS. TOMORROW.


Lunch and Groceries 4/11

Today I spent $7.32 on lunch and $35.59 on groceries.

Also, the cloth diapers that I ordered arrived. I did some math and figured out that I probably need to use each one 40 times before I hit the “cheaper than disposables” break point.

Considering his age, that’s unlikely to happen with The Boy. But there’s a decent chance of it happening if he gets to be a Big Brother.

Even if it doesn’t, I’m about more than just the cash. I’m trying to hit that sweet spot where I can be good to the environment, good to my baby, not waste money, and not have it be a pain in the ass.

And maybe I can sell them used on ebay or craigslist when we’re done with the baby stage. I may not recoup the whole investment, but that probably will help me hit that break-even point.