Wednesday Update

I am a little out of control. I really should stop reading Mir’s sale blog.

Although to be fair to myself, I actually do need clothes for work, and a 60-90% off sale plus a $25 off $100+ purchases means that I got 6 shirts & sweaters, and 3 pair of pants, for $110.06 including shipping. An average of $12.23 per article of clothing is pretty good.

But I didn’t really need the wooden deck chairs as much as I needed the clothes.  Although again, we do need someplace to sit outside, and currently we have one green plastic faux adirondack chair. $40 for a pair of nice ones is a good price. So is the $5.98 for 24 large cardboard blocks that Noah is getting for Christmas.

Yesterday, I spent $8.55 on lunch; today I spent $17. Ugh. I’m bringing lunch tomorrow.


Expensive Weekend Update

April 13: Spent $12.00 on lunch and $12.59 on dinner for the family.

April 14: Spent $114 on a Mommy & Me music class for The Boy, then $35.47 on a bottle of wine and a six pack, $17.85 on books that weren’t available at the library (2 novels).

April 15: Spent $85 on a sweater, a pair of pants, and 3 pair of shoes, all for work. Spent another $14 on a pair of shoes and 3 pair of socks for The Boy. $40 into the plate at church.

April 16: $0.95 for lunch. (Finished the cereal I bought last week, splurged on oreos from a vending machine and 2 bottles of water. Got an extra nickel back in change.)

Am freaking out because the accountant has not yet returned our tax returns to copy, sign, and submit to the IRS. TOMORROW.