Query: Which Debt to Pay?

I loaned Uncle Sam way too much money in 2006 and am getting about $6k back.

With that money, I can either pay the $5549.15 I have on a credit card at 17%, or the ~$2600 left on furniture at 19%, plus a chunk of the credit card.

There would be something nice, psychologically, about getting rid of the cc debt. But I don’t 100% trust myself not to run it up again.

On the other hand, getting rid of the furniture debt means less interest overall, and I trust myself not to go buy another room full of furniture. 🙂

I just went and played with a debt calculator, and realized that I could pay off the cc debt in a year if I put the difference into paying it down, and then the amount I used to pay monthly on both debts into paying the cc off. That sounds like a good idea!


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