April 20

Leftovers for lunch, but with a wakeful crying baby in the middle of the night, for HOURS, there was also fancy expensive coffee when I got to work. $3.46 on fancy coffee.

Update: I spent $1.25 on a drink and cookie to go with the leftovers.


April 19

Today I spent $6.21 on lunch, plus $0.75 on bottles of water.

And $87.76 on a pair of concert tickets.

And $21.95 on dinner for the family. Fortunately, there are leftovers, which I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

What the Money Guy Said

It looks like Mrs Mama and I are in pretty good shape in terms of saving for retirement. Right now, we have about $135k between us, in 401ks and various flavors of IRA. And we each sock 15% into our 401ks, although we haven’t funded IRAs in the last 2 years.

That said, the Money Guy made some suggestions for tweaking our investments, and I’m thinking about how much of his advice I should and will follow.

  • We are overexposed in international stock mutual funds
  • We also have too much invested in large cap company oriented mutual funds
  • We don’t have enough in small cap mutual funds
  • We don’t have enough in real estate mutual funds
  • We don’t have enough in stable/income/bond funds to protect ourselves in the event of a severe downmarket
  • We own too many individual stocks

Out of this so far, I’ve made a couple of changes. I sold:

  • 20 shares of KSS (Kohls) for $1,554.22, on an initial investment of $1000.
  • 45 shares of EAT (Brinkers) for $1,507.77, also on an initial investment of $1000.
  • 24.387 shares of OAKLX for $828.42, on a rollover IRA investment left over from an old 401k, basis $670.33. (No, that’s not an individual stock, but I think I should get rid of any asset I have that is less than 1% of my portfolio. This is going to be a phased-in process.)

I also have limit orders open to sell my 66 shares of PFE (Pfizer) at a loss of about 25%.

Query: Which Debt to Pay?

I loaned Uncle Sam way too much money in 2006 and am getting about $6k back.

With that money, I can either pay the $5549.15 I have on a credit card at 17%, or the ~$2600 left on furniture at 19%, plus a chunk of the credit card.

There would be something nice, psychologically, about getting rid of the cc debt. But I don’t 100% trust myself not to run it up again.

On the other hand, getting rid of the furniture debt means less interest overall, and I trust myself not to go buy another room full of furniture. 🙂

I just went and played with a debt calculator, and realized that I could pay off the cc debt in a year if I put the difference into paying it down, and then the amount I used to pay monthly on both debts into paying the cc off. That sounds like a good idea!

Wednesday Update

I am a little out of control. I really should stop reading Mir’s sale blog.

Although to be fair to myself, I actually do need clothes for work, and a 60-90% off sale plus a $25 off $100+ purchases means that I got 6 shirts & sweaters, and 3 pair of pants, for $110.06 including shipping. An average of $12.23 per article of clothing is pretty good.

But I didn’t really need the wooden deck chairs as much as I needed the clothes.  Although again, we do need someplace to sit outside, and currently we have one green plastic faux adirondack chair. $40 for a pair of nice ones is a good price. So is the $5.98 for 24 large cardboard blocks that Noah is getting for Christmas.

Yesterday, I spent $8.55 on lunch; today I spent $17. Ugh. I’m bringing lunch tomorrow.

Expensive Weekend Update

April 13: Spent $12.00 on lunch and $12.59 on dinner for the family.

April 14: Spent $114 on a Mommy & Me music class for The Boy, then $35.47 on a bottle of wine and a six pack, $17.85 on books that weren’t available at the library (2 novels).

April 15: Spent $85 on a sweater, a pair of pants, and 3 pair of shoes, all for work. Spent another $14 on a pair of shoes and 3 pair of socks for The Boy. $40 into the plate at church.

April 16: $0.95 for lunch. (Finished the cereal I bought last week, splurged on oreos from a vending machine and 2 bottles of water. Got an extra nickel back in change.)

Am freaking out because the accountant has not yet returned our tax returns to copy, sign, and submit to the IRS. TOMORROW.

Spending on 4/12

$11.32 on rash cream and lotion for The Boy. His skin is so dry, poor guy.